We are Orphinic Scientific

We develop first-in-class or best-in-class projects which have potential to become life-changing therapies

Orphinic Scientific focuses on high quality assets in orphan
in line with proven business model of similar development companies.

We focus on therapeutics but also look at diagnostics, medical devices, and e-Health.

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Ambulero is a Miami, US-based biotechnology company dedicated to advancing a platform of cell and gene therapies to treat serious vascular diseases. Ambulero holds an exclusive license from the University of Miami to develop and commercialize research that was shown to promote vascular repair and regeneration. Orphinic Scientific participates in a global development of Ambulero’s breakthrough gene therapy that has a potential to reduce risk of limb ulcers and amputation in patients affected by vascular diseases. For more information,

Vasa Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on development of novel therapies for heart failure and other serious cardiovascular diseases. With offices in San Diego, California, and Wrocław, Poland, Vasa Therapeutics comprises an international team of scientists with a proven track record of successful drug development. In 2020, Vasa Therapeutics was awarded a 2.6 million Euro grant from the EU regional development fund to discover and develop an innovative drug candidate program for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). Funding from Orphinic Scientific will support further growth of the company, including expansion of its therapeutic pipeline.

TraMag – Pain Treatment.

Analgesic formulation involving well-understood painkiller enhanced to allow for smaller doses with preserved efficiency and reduction of side effects related to it

Clinical Servant  is a intelligent drug distributor with in-built functions. Planned to reduce human error in clinical trials and work together with Virtual Monitor a software solution aimed at automating clinical trials’ monitoring. Planned to replace the clinical trial Monitors’ physical visits at sites

Virtual Monitor

is a software solution aimed at automating clinical trials’ monitoring. It plans to replace the clinical trial Monitors’ physical visits at hospitals, thereby reducing costs on the Pharma and CRO side, as well as automating the data recording.

DEBN is a patent pending (PCT/PL2016/000006) medical device which is a novel approach to the problem of TRUS-Bx related infectious complications. It consists of polymer coated biopsy needle and anesthesia needle that release the drugs directly to the prostate during the procedure. This solution may allow the co-administration of various antibiotics, thereby broaden their spectrum of activity and potentially reduce the number of infectious complications. Presented model of DEBN contains poly(vinyl alcohol), ciprofloxacin and amikacin.

Bioxyma – Pain Treatment.

Potent analgesic formulation with mechanisms preventing abuse and overdosing intended for chronically ill patients. Development of an innovative therapy based on an analgesic pharmaceutical composition for oral administration, the concept originally sourced from the Medical University of Warsaw