1.Scope and Purpose 

The purpose of this policy is to define Orphinic Scientific approach towards environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks present in its business.

This policy will apply to its own operations as well as its subsidiaries.

Orphinic Scientific will continuously update the policy, as and when appropriate. 

2.Roles and responsibilities

Orphinic Scientific senior management personnel shall be responsible for ensuring that that consideration of ESG issues is made within business and investment decisions.


Orphinic Scientific is committed to:

  • Consider environmental, public health, safety, and social issues associated with target companies when evaluating whether to co-operate or invest in a particular company or entity, as well as during the period of co-operation/
  • Grow and improve the companies for long-term sustainability and to benefit multiple stakeholders, including on environmental, social, and governance issues
  • Remain committed to compliance with applicable local labour laws ; support the payment of adequate wages and benefits to employees; provide a safe and healthy workplace environment
  • Encourage strict policies that prohibit bribery and other improper payments to public officials consistent with Anti-Bribery legislation and relevant AML legislation including European Union Anti Money Laundering directives.
  • Orphinic Scientific will not co-opearate or invest in companies that utilise child or forced labour or maintain discriminatory policies.
  • Orphinic Scientific provides timely information to its associates, employees and investors on the matters addressed herei

4.Standard Approach

With the view to prioritise and focus its ESG assessment and management efforts during diligence and the life of the investment/period of co-operation, Orphinic Scientific  will consider the magnitude of ESG-related risks and impacts associated with each individual company.

When making business and investment decisions Orphinic Scientific may consider as a guide the International Finance Corporation (IFC) 2012 Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability (Performance Standards), as well as any additional ESG guidance that Orphinic Scientific considers to be applicable.

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